Dua istikhara for marriage problems

Dua istikhara for marriage problems The relationship of husband and wife is gentle and strong. After marriage couples face troubles because of many reasons. The attainment of marriage depends on mutual trust and understanding of both husband and wife. If anyone failed on trust and love it will be difficult for the other one to sustain the relationship. Sometimes it happens that one of the partners tries very hard to delight the other one, but they are not convinced by the other partner’s effort.

It is normal to have differences with your partner, but when these problems get extreme, they can end the relationship. In this situation, partners should try to be calm with each other and concentrate on the other partner’s problems. You can ask for anything to Allah (SWT) by reading Istikhara, and almighty will guide you about what is perfect for you. Dua istikhara for marriage problems will guide you successfully for the right solution to your marriage problems. For performing Dua for marriage, you can follow the below procedure

Recite Durood Shareef 11 time before going to bed. After this recite Surah Al-Falak 33 time and at the end recite 11 times Durood Shareef again. Perform this Dua 14 day regularly and after performing this Dua think about your partner. You will be shown in your dreams what you should do. You can also do Istikhara by following the above-mentioned process by thinking about your partner at “HAZAL AMRA.”

Dua istikhara for marriage problems

The first mistaken belief about Istikhara is that it can only be performed on ‘special occasion.’ Well, it is not correct.
Istikhara can be performed each day even at any time. Anyone can perform Istikhara for love marriage. After
Istikhara Allah (SWT) will guide you through dream but it is not necessary that you will get guidance only through
dream. You will get direction through other signs also. A Good dream is a positive sign, and a bad dream is a sign of
warning about the matter for which you are doing Istikhara.

If you don’t see a dream any issue, it is suggested that you should carry on your Istikhara for 7 days. Marriage is a
holy relation of two persons which bounds them for forever promising each other to be therein good and bad times.
Istikhara can help you whether you should plan your future with the person, you love or not. Allah knows what is
good for you and Istikhara will ease your anxiety about making a decision. For performing dua Istikhara for love marriage, you can follow the below-mentioned process.

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